Georgia EBT Card?

The Georgia EBT Card (Electronic Balance Transfer) allows the government to send money through the Georgia Division of Family and Child Services Department to you in an easier and more convenient way. Instead of providing cash for the Cash Assistance Program or Food Stamp Benefits, EBT cards are used. This is to provide more convenience to the beneficiaries and avoid violations of use that happens a lot with the use of coupons or stamps.

How does the Georgia EBT Card Work?

If you’re familiar with the use of a bank card, the EBT cards work in the same way. Every month, the government or the department that provides the program adds the benefits in the account you made in the GA COMPASS website. You can also apply for an account in the Family and Child Services Department office near you.

To get the benefits, you can use the EBT card at Point of Sale (POS) machines in your area. You can also use standard ATM machines to withdraw money from your account. There are also affiliate stores where you can use the card to purchase the things you need. If you’re only approved for Food Stamp benefits, you can use the card to buy food from affiliate grocery stores in your area.
Since there are some ATMs that provide banking services with fees (this is called a surcharge), you need to know whether the ATM you’re using charges fees or not. With this, you won’t worry about charged transactions. If you haven’t used an ATM before, make sure you read the warning signs featured on the ATM screen.

How to Use your New Georgia EBT Card

EBT cards work like any other bank card. You will need a PIN (Personal identification Number) to use the card for banking transactions. If it’s you’re first time to use the card, you can simply activate the card by changing its default PIN. When you receive the EBT card, you will receive a document that states the rules and regulations regarding its use, along with its default PIN.

Again, don’t use an ATM without any idea how it works. You can always ask for assistance from the ATM service assistant, or carefully read the activation guide shown on the ATM screen. Usually, the PIN is composed of a 4-digit number. You have to memorize the PIN of your Georgia EBT card to avoid problems in withdrawing money.